John E. Perry Jr. is a Pastor Evangelist called by God to travel wherever the Holy Spirit leads him. His calling is to minister healing and deliverance to the sick and afflicted. He also teaches and trains believers to be properly prepared and equipped for spiritual warfare.

Pastor Perry was ordained in 1998 to serve in the deacon ministry by the late Reverend Pastor Lucius Williams who presided at Second Baptist Church in Belleville, New Jersey.

In November 2007 Pastor Perry was ordained to the gospel ministry by the late Reverend Dr. Ronald B. Christian, Senior Pastor, Christian Love Baptist Church in Irvington, New Jersey.

Since this time, God has entrusted Pastor Perry to shepherd committed believers who assist him in ministry service, administration, planning and logistics to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Perry is not exclusively tied to a local church. His calling by God to pastor and evangelize all over the world requires him to be constantly on the move. He has office space and meeting rooms conveniently located in most cities to meet, counsel, fellowship, pray and worship with God's people.

If you would like to be more closely connected to Pastor Perry and his ministry staff so that they can get to know you and be available to you for ministry care should you, your spouse, children or immediate family member need prayer and instruction for God's healing (James 5:14-15), it is necessary that you be committed to do the following:

  1. Submit your email address below to receive more information about participating in ministry service with Pastor Perry and his ministry team in an area near where you live. If you are disabled and cannot take part in physical activity or if you are unemployed and cannot afford to purchase a ministry uniform, Christian Unity 'We Are One" T-shirt or Hooded Sweat Shirt, you must still provide your email address to receive instructions pertaining to your particular case.
  2. You must agree to give your best effort and follow Pastor Perry's instruction when seeking his counsel, prayer and ministry care.
  3. Starting today or as soon as possible you must begin supporting "John E. Perry Jr. Ministries" with at minimum a monthly offering or a 10% tithe of your income. Tithing is not mandatory in the New Testament. However, God's reward to us for tithing still stands (Malachi 3:10).
  4. If you would prefer to send your offerings, donations and or tithes using the postal service, our mailing address is John E. Perry Jr. Ministries, 1 Meadowlands Plaza, Suite 200, East Rutherford, NJ 07073.

If you would like to contact John E. Perry Jr. Ministries by phone, call free 844-772-5691 (844-PSALM 91) or email: